Genetics is a very important and exciting field which is progressing very rapidly. The discoveries and information generated from research have the potential for providing better quality of life, improving food safety and security, and having an impact on a nation’s economic and development. This Congress will be its fourteenth debut of the Genetics Congress Series organized by Genetics Society of Malaysia, which begun in 1995. Due to the overwhelming success of the previous events, we are pushing this fourteenth version into a bigger role in strengthening genetics advances for the future.

"Boosted by successes of the previous congresses, the society will make every effort, and will push on with a bigger and wider role to internationalise its scientific activities,”

This 3-day congress will address the latest advances in various genetic activities and its achievements. More than 30 keynote and invited speakers will be presenting their views and findings in this congress. The congress will provide opportunities and gather as many geneticists, breeders, scientists, researchers, academicians, biotechnologists, industrialists and students to share their latest knowledge, experiences and achievements in genetics related improvement programmes.